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Meetings are scheduled on the second Monday of every month for 7:30pm at the Municipal Building. Should a meeting fall on a holiday Monday, it will then be moved to the Tuesday.


Council Briefs for July, 2017


The monthly meeting of the Cambridge-Narrows Municipal Council was held on Monday, July 10th at 7:30pm at the Municipal Building.  In attendance were Mayor Blair Cummings, Councilors Tom Nesbit, Judy Jones and Nancy McConnachie, and Village Clerk and Administrator Alexis Trebble.  Mayor Cummings called the meeting to order.


Fire Chief Paul Beale gave an update on the Cambridge-Narrows Volunteer Fire Department.  They are continuing with their in-house training.  A water shuffle was held with the results being 390 gallons per minute over 2 hours.  Good work!  Four new members have been added to the fire department and the return of two former members that will help to build their ranks.  Thank you to our local department for all they do.


Our Mayor discussed with RCMP the issue of Boats/Boat Safety/Noise.  Please be aware of fellow boaters and have respect for swimmers and fellow citizens when running your boats.  When you live close to the lake, the noise of loud boats can be quite disruptive; at night, especially.


Tom Nesbit relayed the news that variance has been approved on Holland Lane.


Patching is being done right now on our roads and we are looking at major road repairs to be happening some time in August.


We would like to thank everyone who attended A Day in the Pines.  A special “Thank You” goes out to Irene Cole, Daniel Thibodeau, & Eugene Belyea who so graciously offered to help the village workers set up and to Marlene Moss who passed out Canada Souvenirs, helped cut the Canada Cakes and was a general jack of all trades.  We so appreciate your help.  To our Village Coordinator Shayna Thorne, a big Thank you for pulling everything together.  Awesome job!  Our two summer students, Ewan Jost and Kyle Belyea…A job well done boys…Thank You!  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Councilor Judy Jones who worked constantly on and off scene.  Judy’s new theme is, “On the road again!”  Thanks Judy, Blair and Tom for all you did towards making our day a success.


Computer Maintenance has now been set up for both the Municipal Building and the Library.


Shayna Thorne has been appointed as Acting Clerk for the August regular meeting.


Letters of request from Debora Kantor were brought before the council concerning a sandbox in The Pines and the placement of a Pines Park Brochure on the Village Website.  We have decided against a sand box in The Pines due to the fact of its upkeep because wild and tame animals may use it for other matters than what it is meant to be used for.  It would also require the responsibility of someone for keeping it open every day and making sure it is locked up every night.  Although we love The Pines, in response to The Pines Brochure, we will look at that matter when we are happy that The Pines Trails have been brought up to par with our safety regulations.


Enjoy your summer!

Nancy McConnachie




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